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Why hire a digital marketing agency?

  • 26/01/2022

Brands around the world have already understood that to stand out in the online environment they need to have a digital marketing agency to work on their campaigns. Today we are more than 4 billion people connected around the world and according to a study carried out by Cisco Consulting Services, it is estimated that by 2023 we will be 5.3 billion internet users. Digital marketing professionals know that to attract consumers it is not enough for the brand to be online. It is necessary to produce adequate and quality content for the public and be present where it is. On the other hand, the consumer is increasingly demanding and the brand needs to add value to its purchase journey by promoting unique and personalized experiences that build customer loyalty. Want to know why your brand needs to hire a specialized service to take care of marketing? Read our post and find out!

When should I hire a digital marketing agency?

Having doubts about whether it is really necessary to hire a digital marketing agency is very common, especially among small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.
They often create the company’s website themselves, feed the blog and post on social networks according to the knowledge they have and in the way they think is correct.

It doesn’t take long for the manager to realize that something is not going as it should and that he needs to take action. Below we cite the most common situations that lead a company to hire a specialized agency to make changes in its marketing strategies and optimize the business.

  1. Low sales
    -When you realize that your competitor is selling and your company is not past time to change your digital marketing strategies, because something is not being done correctly.
    -It is important to recognize that it is not enough just to have a page on the internet, it needs content that attracts and impacts your future customer, be it a website, blog or posts on social networks.
    -If you’ve noticed that the way you’ve been working isn’t getting the results you need, change your strategies as soon as possible.
    -A specialized company will work on generating and nurturing leads using different strategies in the necessary channels.
    -Don’t forget that your product’s natural sales cycle and the average time to close a new deal must be considered. So don’t waste any more time!
  2. Overloaded Team
    -As we said, many entrepreneurs choose to do the work of publicizing the company on the web internally, using employees who were hired to perform other functions.
    -No matter how efficient the professional is, he will accumulate functions and become overloaded.
    -The accumulation of tasks affects the quality of the service for which he was hired, compromising the productivity of the entire team.
    -He will also not have enough time to study the market, the public profile and apply assertive strategies to leverage sales.
    -If this situation is occurring in your company, it is another sign that you need to hire specialized marketing services.
    -Your employee will not feel overloaded and will perform their main activity more calmly, which will generate greater productivity and service improvement.
  3. Unsuccessful campaigns
    -Digital marketing is very dynamic and always requires new strategies.
    -If your campaigns are not generating a positive result, most likely they are not keeping up with the market’s right pace and not making the right approaches at the right time.
    -It is important to remember that the consumer likes news!
    -The professionals of a company specialized in digital communication are always attentive to the news and needs of the public and know when to deliver quality content, taking advantage of special dates and seasonal sales.
  4. Desire to Optimize Results
    Of course, every entrepreneur wants to optimize their results to expand their business.
    If this is your desire, digital marketing works to improve what is already being done, that is, sell more.
    Optimization of results can also be evaluated in other ways such as increasing site visits, more people providing data, etc.
    An agency will always work focused on improving the results achieved.
    What are the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency?
    An agency has all the experience in the sector and will act as a partner of your company working to improve the positioning of your business in the online environment.All work will focus on:
    – Better understand the public,
    – Generate more leads,
    – Acquire more customers,
    – Strengthen the relationship with the base,
    – Loyalty strategies,
    – Development of educational content,
    – Increase the company’s visibility,
    – Maximize results.


  • Cost Reduction
    According to Hubspot, digital marketing is up to 61% cheaper than traditional forms of advertising.
    When you hire this service for your company, you save more because professionals will know in which channels to apply the money so that you get a better return.
    Not forgetting that agencies have tools that can detail the results of each campaign, which is super productive for decision-making in subsequent strategies.
    These numbers can also serve as a basis for calculating the return on investment and in this way you will expand channels and improve your results every day.
  • Working with a Professional Team
    A digital marketing agency has trained professionals to create effective campaigns for your company.
    These professionals have the specialized knowledge regarding the elaboration of content in the various digital channels and the use of SEO techniques so that your page is well positioned in the Google search service.
    In addition, they have all the tools necessary to measure the results of campaigns and improve what needs to be improved.
  • Focus on Business
    A The success of a company consists of good business management and this requires time and dedication on the part of the entrepreneur.
    When the entrepreneur also needs to take care of the publicity part of his business, he can end up harming the entire administration of the enterprise.
    Almost four years ago, a study was carried out on the survival of companies in Brazil and highlighted that competent, focused and dedicated management is one of the main reasons for the success of a business.
    The problem is that the entrepreneur often ends up accumulating numerous tasks, compromising the company’s image, the relationship with suppliers and customers, in addition to losing opportunities for expansion.
    By hiring an agency to take care of the marketing of the company, you will have much more time to focus on your business.

Now that you know why to hire a marketing agency, how about contacting M2Up Digital Marketing?
We are experts in digital communication and we generate proven results for the growth of your business.



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